About Russian Kynological Federation

Russian Kynological Federation (RKF) is a public non-profit association of cynological organizations. Established in 1991.


  • Contract partner of the FCI since 1995
  • Associative member of the FCI since 1999
  • Full member of the FCI and of the FCI European Section since 2003

Currently, RKF is the largest cynological organization in Russia. About 5.5 million dogs, 1427 dog clubs, and about 22,358 kennels from all regions of the country are registered in the RKF Stud book.

Our goal is to ensure the protection of the rights of RKF members; to represent their common interests in state bodies and international organizations; to preserve the gene pool and improve dog breeds, especially national ones; to form a humane attitude in society and to organize the work against cruelty to dogs and other animals.

The structure of the RKF includes:

  • Russian Working Dogs Federation (RFSS),
  • Russian Hunting Dogs Federation (RFOS),
  • Russian Companion Dogs Federation (RFLS),
  • All-Russian Association of Independent Cynological Non-profit Organizations (OANKOO).

RKF management bodies:

  • The General committee of RKF members is the highest governing body of the RKF.
  • The President of the RKF is the sole executive body responsible for the overall management of the RKF.
  • The RKF Managing board is the permanent collegial governing body of the RKF.
  • The RKF Board is the permanent collegial executive body of the RKF.
  • The RKF Auditor is the control and audit body of the RKF.

RKF President

Russian kynological federation


Vladimir Golubev is a Russian entrepreneur, public figure, and philanthropist. He is the Vice-President, co-owner of the holding company «Adamant», the President of the Russian Kynological Federation (RKF) since August 2018, the President of the Russian Companion Dogs Federation (RFLS), the President of the All-Russian Association of Independent Cynological Non-profit Organizations (OANKOO).


    International department

    +7 (906) 797-04-08 (English, Spanish)
    +7 (906) 797-18-11 (English, German)


    127106, Russia, Moscow, Gostinichnya street, 9

    Press office

    Registration of export pedigrees

    Dear colleagues,

    If you live outside Russia, and need to order export pedigree from RKF, you can contact one of our federations directly by e-mail: rfos.export@rkf.org.ru, with the puppy card copy.
    Our staff will check the registration of the litter, and in case if everything’s correct, will send you the details for payment.

    How to change the ownership in the RKF pedigree, if the dog has been sold abroad

    Dear friends,

    If you have purchased a dog, for which the RKF pedigree has already been issued, and you need to register officially another owner of this dog, you should do the following:

    Variant 1: the former dog’s owner is the citizen of the Russian Federation

    In this case you should submit to the RKF a filled Form 15, where there will be the former owner’s signature certified by a stamp of any Russian cynological organization. This organization should be a legal body (club).

    While signing a purchase/sale agreement, we advise to request the present owner for a filled and certified Form 15 (the seller can certify his signature in any nearest club from the list of recognized ones).

    Variant 2: the former dog’s owner is the citizen of any other country

    If you have purchased a dog, for which the RKF pedigree has been issued at the name of a foreign country citizen, you have to submit a filled Form 15 with the former owner’s signature that should be certified in accordance with the procedure established in the country of his residence. Differently, you may submit Form 15 with a simple former owner’s signature, plus a document, confirming the new owner’s rights. It may be a purchase/sale agreement or owner’s certificate, issued by a national cynological organization of your country.

    In this case you should send to the RKF the original paper pedigree, where the former owner is indicated (it can be done by post).  


    Official accounts

    International news